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More and more people use the catering  service, especially after the 2020 epidemic. Catering service has become a must-have for everyone. Kama Delivery has moved from a restaurant to a company that specializes in catering services. Use sincere service to let customers experience a different dining experience. Catering service  is different from general restaurant takeaways, from large-scale equipment, customer service, menu design, food insulation, packaging configuration to logistics delivery, etc.; It is built for the purpose of attending the catering. It’s a wonderful journey from the beginning of the order inquiry!

24-hour Online and Offline Customized Service

In the past, catering may have to be arranged 3-5 days in advance. Nowadays, you can order the food at anytime and anywhere for your party or event. The general service may not meet your catering needs, exclusive one-to-one customization and service create more value for you. No matter how many people dine, we can customize your menu according to your requirements, and provide online and offline consulting services 24 hours a day without going through a third-party platform. Helping you to save time and effort. Our staff will follow up every catering order and help you to arrange everything!

Catering Food Hygiene

All catering food are strictly implemented in accordance with food safety guidelines and various hygiene measures are strictly implemented. Our team ensure that everyone can enjoy the high-quality catering service. It is the reason why everyone chooses us. From food preservation to logistics delivery, to ensure the complete presentation of the food. We will continue to review the effectiveness of measures internally, listen carefully to customer feedback, and do every detail to achieve a better catering experience!

Choice of Catering Food

In order to satisfy for the needs of different occasions, tastes and preferences of our customer, we beliveve that more choices of food is necessary. It is the key element of the catering service. Ample choice of dishes makes it easier for you to arrange the menu. Our menu will be updated regularly to keep the freshness. During the festive season, there will be special menu. On the other hand, the vegan menu is provided to vegetarians, which highlights our uniqueness of the service.

Service Efficiency

Fast and effective delivery service has always been the reason why we are favored by customers. Food will be delivered to customers on time, and our delivery service covers all areas of Hong Kong. Our staff can answer customer inquiries and orders at any time. The overtime rate is less than 1%, which makes customers more confident to provide us with important catering services. We will continue to maintain the efficiency of our service!

Top Choice of 2021 Catering

Do everything we can to complete the entire catering service process and winning the confidence of the guests. We break through the tradition of the catering and become an innovative catering company. We are expanding the catering service to a new page. Hope that you can love at first bite!

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